What Is Mobilepocalypse?


What is Mobilepocalypse?

Simply put, if your website is not ‘mobile friendly’ on April 21, 2015 then any rankings you currently enjoy in Google search will all but disappear. And that is being referred to as the Mobile’pocalypse or the Mobile Apocalypse or even Mobilegeddon.

Google is constantly tweaking and updating their algorithms to weed out sites that are lacking in order to give searchers the best experience possible.

Since an increasing amount of search traffic is coming from mobile devices Google will be filtering out those sites that are not designed with mobile users in mind.

As SEOs we need to be able to move quickly and shift right along with the whims of the Big-G, and this update will be no exception. Luckily there’s really nothing to fear…

Is your website mobile friendly? Here’s a quick way to check:


Simply input the url of your choice and click the analyze button. In less than 20 seconds you’ll know if your site checks out by the current standards.

The REALLY GOOD NEWS is that fixes are available and there are a few SEOs out there who can set your business site onto the right path in order to help you avoid any ranking slips.

The flip-side to this coin is that mobile ready sites will likely see initial boosts in rankings by leapfrogging sites that don’t measure up to the current standards.

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Good luck!

The Mobile’pocalypse is coming, are you ready?!