Got Questions? It’s Probably One Of These


Is Strykefore SEO Safe?

When you use Strykefore Marketing solutions your links are built by link-building EXPERTS. This means we know exactly how to build, hide, and construct links so that you do not get penalized… EVER!

Our links are built through unique IPs and hidden Private Servers. On top of this, we diversify your links and build them at a pace that looks 100% natural in the eyes of major search engines, taking heavy advantage of private links and ‘pyramids’ to send a steady, natural flow of link juice to your site.

In short: You’re in good hands!

Does It Work Post Penguin And Panda?

Yes, it works very well post Penguin and Panda. This is the exact strategy we have used to rank dozens of websites for BIG keywords and have them stick like flies to honey.

Oh, And because we are constantly adapting our link building strategies, this will work post rhino, pigeon, and moose too!

Can we Bring A Site back From a penalty?

This severely depends on the extent of the penalty.

If your site has minor link variation problems and you’re on page factor got you in trouble…
… YES we can help.

If you lost some links or your links were devalued…
… YES we can help.

If Google penalized your site for using blog networks or if you have 1000’s of spammy links that have sent you to page 50+ over night…
… You might be in trouble

Does Strykefore Work For Competitive Keywords?

Yes it does. This service is meant for competitive keywords and less competitive keywords alike.

However, this is within reason. If you want to rank for “how to make money online” or “forex” or “How to lose weight” then this is just not going to happen without an increased budget and timeline.


It is EXTREMELY important that you do good keyword research or hire someone to do it for you.

On top of this, if your niche is very competitive then you must understand that it will take time to rank. SEO is a long-term process, and if you are new to a tough and competition niche then you are going to have to beat competitors that have been working for months and years to get their rankings.

The perk is that you will have a MUCH better SEO strategy than they do =)

Will you choose keywords, track my rankings, do my onpage SEO, and tell us what to do all the time?

At Strykefore Marketing SEO we take a VERY personal stake in your success (hence why we limit how many people we let in; you can’t be “personal” with 100 businesses waiting for individualized attention).

For any other questions please contact us: [email protected]

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